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Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to allow a relaxed check-in and time to disconnect from the outside. First-time clients will be asked to provide information on medical history, lifestyle, and preferences while in our center. This information is used solely to provide you with the best care possible and remains confidential. A more detailed consultation will be provided during your service.

Quality service is our top priority. Please advise your service provider of any medical conditions or concerns, including medication use, before your service. Please tell us if you are pregnant, attempting to conceive, have high blood pressure or other circulatory issues, etc. The therapies we provide are effective, so the more we know about you, the better we can affect your treatment's outcome.


We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, debit or credit, and gift cards. There is a $35 charge for any returned check. Please book your appointment as early as possible to insure your first choice of appointment times. You may book appointments in person or by phone. Every appointment must be secured by credit card or deposit. We attempt to confirm all appointments in advance. If you must cancel or reschedule, we ask that you do so 24 hours or more, before your service was originally scheduled to begin.  We reserve the right to require payment for "no show" appointments.

** All prices and services are a subject to change.


After an in-depth consultation and the selection of various crystals to align your chakras, your therapist will combine Reiki with traditional massage to provide a healing and holistic body treatment.  This process balances physical, mental and spiritual tension.  


Angel Therapy is a spiritual healing method that helps to heal and harmonize a person's life in a non-denominational way.  Angel Therapy is an alternative-healing concept that involves communication with angels.  The idea behind the therapy is that by establishing a connection with angelic beings, it is possible to identify and treat a wide range of health ailments.  By connecting with angels, guardian angels and archangels.  The therapist can offer messages of guidance to his or her clients, as well as help them to open up and clearly receive what is known as "Divine Guidance" from both angels, Great Spirit or Source.  One does not need to believe in Angles to be able to receive the benefits of this therapy.  


Homes:  Houses and offices can become filled with negative, non-beneficial energy. This energy is produced by the thoughts and words of people.  Angry words, fearful thoughts, depression and other emotions can become stuck in the room where they were expressed. This is why you can walk into a room where an argument just occurred and feel the tension in the air.  

Businesses:  Your customers leave behind negative energy and emotions when they visit your place of business.  These negative energies will cause the energy to feel heavy, making your employees and customers feel out of sorts emotionally and physically. Spiritually Cleansing the energy of your business will make it feel more inviting and comfortable, thereby increasing your business and productivity.

Website: When customers visit your website, they leave behind negative energy and emotions just as if they had been there physically.  This can cause sales to be sluggish and visitors to leave your site quickly.  Spiritually Cleansing the negative energy from your website can increase your sales.  

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Performed by a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, this treatment is a for of energy work designed to use your body's own energy to heal itself.  Excellent for anyone in physical, mental or spiritual cirisis.  A great alternative therapy for those unable to recieve traditional massage, as well as a nice compliment to a session of therapeutic massage. This treatment is performed fully clothed. 


This therapy focuses on the laws of cause and effect (Karma). It involves the body, mind, spirit and emotions.  It can be extremely helpful to find the root causes of certain current problems or issues we might be experiencing, for example chronically illnesses, phobias, addictions, inexplicable attraction or aversion to someone, relationship issues, etc.


This therapy uses a theta brain wave, which until now was believed to be accessible only in deep sleep or yogi-level meditation, the therapist is able to tune into this deep level of concentration to identify emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual issues in the body.  It focuses on targeting the source of an illness/disease/problem, transforming and removing the root causes.  Most human Problems stem from living as if false beliefs were real.  Releasing negative emotions and false beliefs is an area where Theta Healing is extremely effective. 


Crystal Therapy is the ancient art of laying-on-of stones.  Gems, stones and crystals are laid on the body over the chakra points.  Each chakra resonates to a particular color, so by laying a stone of that color over the chakra, the chakras open, align and blend with one another.  When the chakra system is balanced, the physical body is able to innately self correct and heal.  Crystals bring color and light into the aura and into the physical body via the chakra system and the subtle layers of the body through the principle of vibration and resonance.  Crystals can also be used in specific grid patterns in various forms of sacred geometry.  These sacred geometric grids create pillars of light opening the body to multidimensional awareness and understanding.  Used in conjunction with aromatherapy and sound, the color-light experience are deepened and expanded at the same time. Crystals are one of the tools of vibration and resonance that create sensory healing.


Light consists of the seven color energies: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.  Each color is connected to various areas of our body and will affect us differently emotionally, physically, and mentally.  We are drawn to the colors needed to created balance in our lives, the goal in all healing.  Color-light healing occurs as the vibrational frequencies from these specially-formulated color sequences shift and clear the underlying causes of the any issue, problem or pain you are experiencing.  


Craniosacral therapy is an energy-based modality in which the practitioner uses very light touch to detect and correct disruptions in the soft tissue and fluids of the craniosacral system of your body, which includes your brain, head, spinal cord, and sacrum.  These areas of your body are wrapped by one membrane that contains the cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid has its own rhythm or pulse that the practitioner can feel to detect imbalances. When restrictions are found, the practitioner applies a very light touch in a specific way to release the restriction.  This therapeutic technique brings instant relaxation.