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Stress Management Program

Stress is present throughout life in all stages of our journey in this body.  Through mindfulness techniques and simple processes, we are able to cope with all challenges that are thrown our way.  Let us help you and your company to develop a unique and customized way suited for your busy lifestyle.

Emotional Intelligence Program

We all experience emotions in different shapes and forms.  However, growing up, nobody teaches us how to manage and deal with them for the benefit of others and ourselves. Connective World Energy has developed a plan of action, easy to use and ready to put into practice. If we are given the right tools and information to be able to understand the true meaning each emotion carries, we will be able to become more present and aware of how we act and react when our emotions come out to play.

Conflict Resolution

This team-oriented method is applied to group settings.  The goal is to identify, express and solve issues related to communication, miscommunication and effective exchange of information for a more efficient and friendly atmosphere in the workplace. However, these tools can also be extremely helpful to apply in our personal life.

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  • Stress Management 
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Resolution