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John (NCLMBT 5536)

John believes and follows a very positive and conscious philosophy in life. He is constantly striving to learn, teach and help others along this life journey’s path.  There is natural beauty, peace and blessings surrounding us all at every moment of our lives.  He reminds us to keep an open mind and heart as walk through life.  Love all.  Serve all.

John believes that it is possible for everyone to find the life that makes them happy. With a positive attitude anything is possible.  Live the life that you’ve dreamt of.  Live it to the fullest each and every breath.

“I am living a life that books will be written about and movies based on.   I can and will make a difference.  Oorah!!!” - John D. Sams

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United States Marine Corps
University of North Carolina
Natural Touch School of Massage
Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist
Native American Shamanic Practitioner
Energy Worker


"Semper Fidelis, Carpe Diem, Adapt & Overcome, and of course... Oorah!!!"